A New Paradigm In Self Healing

The body is pre-designed to self-heal.

By resolving the stress in the brain and re-establishing the axial energetics, we are improving the efficiency of the central nervous system which creates the conditions for the body to begin to self-heal.

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We now have a new Campus!

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After 5 years we have relocated and expanded to a dedicated new site...

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Healing through Inner Connection

using Kinesiology we can connect to our subconscious and unconscious

we can escape the effect of the rat race on our mind and body so that we can heal and find inner peace

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Kinesiology Short Course

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Starts on the 14th March 2020
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Kinesiology Evolution

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How has the journey to become a professional kinesiologist evolved over the last 30 years?

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Fabulous Learning Environment

Accelerated Learning Technology

Have lots of fun as we cater for your learning style. We use the kinesiology to enhance your learning capacity improving your learning outcomes as you study.

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Awaken Your Inner Healing Potential

Learn to support the process of growth and change

A big difference in our college is how we support our students to awaken their inner healing potential. By unlocking this gift you will have the confidence and trust to support others to heal and grow.

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Neuro Physiology pt1 Assessment

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Assessment for Neuro Physiology pt1 involves a written assessment which includes short answer questions (closed book)

  • History of Formatting
  • What is Formatting
  • Why do we use formatting
  • Understanding stacking and the relevance of “+” and “x”
  • How to apply and use physiology mode
  • Understanding of the difference between diffusion and correction and how they work together
  • Basic Knowledge of the brain
  • Basic Knowledge of the heart brain and gut brain

and involves being asked to demonstrate the following skills in a proficient manor (open book)

  • Any and all finger modes used in this course
  • Demonstrate understanding and application of stacking and secondary structures
  • Demonstrate understanding and application of physiology mode with diffusion of survival stress
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the difference between diffusion and correction and how they work together
  • Demonstration and understanding of gut brain balance
  • Demonstration and understanding of  heart brain balance
  • Demonstration and understanding of how to use brain formats in a complex balance as set up


Module Information

Parent Course/s

Certificate IV in Kinesiology HLT42812 (Ends Sept 2017)



Module Code

NPhys1 Assess

Module Type


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