Charles T Krebs Seminar

The Law of Five Elements 4th - 6th of November 2019

Charles Krebs is in Brisbane for Three days to teach the Law of Five Elements at the College of Kinesiology.

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Healing through Inner Connection

using Kinesiology we can connect to our subconscious and unconscious

we can escape the effect of the rat race on our mind and body so that we can heal and find inner peace

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Kinesiology Short Course

Get The Basics

Starts on the 14th March 2020
Runs over four Weekends

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Student Clinic

Affordable Kinesiology

Get a great balance for only $20.

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Special Offer

KInesiology Introductory Weekend

Only $79.00 for the whole weekend
Valued at $320.00
Available at:
Brisbane Ashgrove Campus
Level 1, 260 Waterworks Road

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Kinesiology Evolution

New Article

How has the journey to become a professional kinesiologist evolved over the last 30 years?

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Fabulous Learning Environment

Accelerated Learning Technology

Have lots of fun as we cater for your learning style. We use the kinesiology to enhance your learning capacity improving your learning outcomes as you study.

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Awaken Your Inner Healing Potential

Learn to support the process of growth and change

A big difference in our college is how we support our students to awaken their inner healing potential. By unlocking this gift you will have the confidence and trust to support others to heal and grow.

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Becoming a kinesiology practitioner is an exciting career with lots of rewards.
Even though it is very different to other styles of complementary medicine, it is growing rapidly in popularity at a grass roots level because it gives fast and effective results in a wide range of areas.
Kinesiologists tend to build lasting client relationships and readily attract referrals.

Here is a comparison of training cost, course duration and earning potentials across a range of complementary modalities.


  Naturopathy Acupuncture Myotherapy Nutrition & Dietetics Diploma of Kinesiology 
Duration of Study 4 years 4 years 3 years 4 years 2 years*
Training Cost $62,700 $63,721 $52,534 $37,436 $17,960*
Expected Earning^ $54,000 pa $60,500 pa $55,000 pa $61,000 pa $65,000 pa

The Training costs were taken from local institutions available in Brisbane as of May 2019. 
^The Median Earning expectancy Based on National Average was taken independently from the same source as of May 2019
Duration and cost for the Diploma of Kinesiology are specifically from the College of Kinesiology


Below is a kinesiology diploma graduate from the College of Kinesiology talking about her experience establishing a practice.

Compare the College of Kinesiology with other Kinesiology Colleges

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Road Test Kinesiology

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Short Course

Stand alone course providing a range of skills in Kinesiology whilst allowing you to recieve credits towards a Diploma if you wish to study further. Find Out More

Diploma Enrolment

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Want to Experience Kinesiology?

Do you want to try Kinesiology by a leading practitioner? We offer a great range of programs and services through our Brisbane Kinesiology Centre.

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