Healing through Inner Connection

using Kinesiology we can connect to our subconscious and unconscious

we can escape the effect of the rat race on our mind and body so that we can heal and find inner peace

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How to make Kinesiology Study more affordable in 2017

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How has the journey to become a professional kinesiologist evolved over the last 30 years?

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Have lots of fun as we cater for your learning style. We use the kinesiology to enhance your learning capacity improving your learning outcomes as you study.

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Awaken Your Inner Healing Potential

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A big difference in our college is how we support our students to awaken their inner healing potential. By unlocking this gift you will have the confidence and trust to support others to heal and grow.

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Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

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By enrolling in the Diploma of Kinesiology, I hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions of Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology RTO 40799 as outlined below:

Course Duration & Structure:

  1. The Diploma of Kinesiology HLT52415 with Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology (RTO 40799)  is scheduled over two years.
  2. The maximum enrolment period for the Diploma of Kinesiology is three years.
  3. The Diploma of Kinesiology (HLT52415) with Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology (RTO 40799) has been divided into four study blocks.  These study blocks are equivalent to a semester.  Block 3 and 4 are interchangeable where block 4 precedes block 3 in alternative years.
  4. When a student exceeds the three-year time frame, re-enrolment in the course is required:
    Completed and assessed units and study components that remain current to the qualification can be transferred under the new enrolment.  Students may be asked to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of previously assessed course when re-enrolling.  Units of competency and study components that have been superseded or replaced since the initial enrolment must be undertaken by the student at the normal cost of the course.
  5. Students are required to meet the assessment standards of the latest version of the course.
  6. In the event of student numbers declining in a particular year, the students may be grouped with the next available study stream to complete the qualification.

Terms of Payment:

  1. The Terms and Conditions of studying the Diploma of Kinesiology (HLT52415) with Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology require that each student commits financially to the cost of a complete study block.  A student may only be enrolled in one study block at a time.
  2. Payments occur in monthly intervals and are of equal instalment value.  Payments are scheduled for the 20th of each calendar month via EziDebit (Direct Debit monthly installment paid from bank account or credit card [MasterCard and Visa only].  Each monthly Direct Debit transaction will attract processing fees from EziDebit –  $1.35 Direct Debit from a bank account OR 2.20% of transaction value Direct Debited from MasterCard or Visa.
  3. Submission of a completed enrolment form with an enrolment fee payment of $200 is payable on or before the enrolment cut-off date to secure a place in the course.  The enrolment cut-off date occurs 5 days prior to the first face-to-face course of study block 1 (In 2018, this date is 3rd March 2018).   The enrolment fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  4. Submission of a completed enrolment application form and payment of the enrolment fee to Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology (RTO 40799) by the prospective student; is an undertaking of a financial commitment to the full cost of study block 1 of the Diploma of Kinesiology. An initial student fee payment (monthly payment for study block 1) with the enrolment fee and completed enrolment application form is due by the enrolment cut-off date (see Student fee payment options below).
  5. Once enrolled in a study block, the student is financially committed to the block regardless of their level of attendance and/or participation in the program.
  6. The college makes available a discounted standalone non-accredited promotional weekend and a four-weekend short course; these events are actual components of the Diploma of Kinesiology; this enables the prospective student to sample the training before committing to the Diploma of Kinesiology (HLT52415).
  7. There are 2 payment options for each study block.  Should a student opt to transfer between payment options during, or in between the Block enrolment period, a $100.00 Administration Fee shall apply.
  8. Students electing to transfer from Payment Option 2 to Payment Option 1 must ensure any outstanding debt is cleared prior to the transfer.
  9. Any dishonour fees incurred by the College as a result of student fees being unable to be collected by EziDebit will be passed back onto the student.

Option One: Payments are per calendar month and approximately match the training and assessment period for each block:

 2018 Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Enrolment fee: $200.00
Student Fees $3,945.00 $4,290.00 $4,810.00 $4,715.00
Monthly Payments $789.00 $858.00 $962.00 $943.00
Number of Months 5 5 5 5

Option Two: Payments are per calendar month and are reduced to $440 per calendar month.  Repayments will extend beyond the block period to meet the cost of the block.  In the case of block payments overlapping, the debt is accumulative; however, the monthly payment value is the same.  This means that the payments will extend beyond the length of the Diploma of Kinesiology training.  A qualification cannot be provided to the student until all outstanding debt is paid and finalised with Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology (RTO. 40799).

 2018 Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Enrolment fee $200.00
Student Fees  $3,945.00 $4,290.00 $4,810.00 $4,715.00
Monthly Repayment Amount $440.00 $440.00 $440.00 $440.00
Number of Months 8.96 9.75 10.93 10.76
Residual payment $425.00 $330.00 $410.00 $315.00
  1. After completion of a block, the student will be automatically enrolled into the following block (i.e. once a student completes Block 1, they are automatically enrolled into Block 2). The student will then be deemed financially committed to the full cost of the block, regardless of attendance and/or participation in the program.

If a student does not wish to be enrolled into the following block, they must advise Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology (RTO. 40799)  in writing (via email) at least 14 days prior to the commencement of the first face-to-face course of the following block.  This will allow the student to opt out of the following block.

  1. Students who fail to meet the terms and conditions of enrolment, and have their enrolment terminated, are still liable for the remaining costs of the block they are enrolled in.
  1. Application for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).  Enrolling students are required to notify the college in writing (by email) of their intent to apply for RPL’s and providing the College of Kinesiology with a list of intended RPL units and components prior to enrolment cut-off date.  This enables the college to appropriately adjust the value of the block and payments. RPL costs will be billed independently from the monthly student fees at a cost of $40 per hour.
  2. Correspondence Units – these units will be provided to students in digital format to complete at home.  Printed manuals will be available to students upon request at a cost of $20 each. Postage and handling costs will be incurred should students be unable to collect in person from the College.

Create Your Reality College of Kinesiology may not receive payment instalments greater than $1,500 at a time for courses in advance.



  1. Assessments have specific guidelines which are at the introduction of each of the assessment items.
  2. Assessments fall under the category of Workbook, take home exam and practical assessment and one short group presentation.
  3. Workbook and take home exams can be completed in class, in the students own time or during practice assessment and supervised student clinic.
  4. Practical assessments are done in the presence of an assessor during class, during practical assessment events and during supervised student clinics.
  5. All assessments must be completed and deemed satisfactory for each unit of the qualification before the qualification can be granted to the student.
  6. The scheduled period for completing the assessments within a study block is in most cases 6 months from the start date of the block. The maximum time between attending a study component or paying for and receiving the materials for an external unit of competency is 12 months, after this time the study component/unit needs to be repeated at the standard fee.
  7. When there are changes in the qualification, students are required to meet the current assessment standards.
  8. Current training standards require 150 hours of supervision which is monitored through the completion of the workbooks. In addition to this 50 hours of supervised student clinic is required.


  1. Time tables and course content information is available on the website.
  2. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of scheduled face-to-face training and when to collect external study materials.
  3. If students are unable to attend a scheduled training event, they should endeavour to inform the trainer or administration as soon as possible.
  4. In the event of the inability to attend a face-to-face training the student may attend the next available scheduled event or if sufficient notice is given the event can be video recorded and the recording can be made available to the student. Students may arrange through the college a trainer to provide private tuition to catch up with face-to-face training at an additional cost.
  5. Once enrolled, students are committed to the block they are currently enrolled in regardless of their level of attendance and participation.

Recognised Prior Learning & Credit for Prior Studies:

  1. The college provides a user-friendly, supportive, streamlined framework for the assessment and recognition of various type of prior competencies obtained by an individual through previous or current training, work experience and / or life experience.  Students are required to contact administration for further information.
  2. The college aims to maximise the recognition of an individual’s prior skills and knowledge whilst at all times maintaining the integrity and standards of the defined learning outcomes of the specific course of study.
  3. The college is not obliged to issue a qualification or statement of attainment that is achieved wholly through recognition of units and/or modules completed at another RTO or RTO’s.
  4. Application for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).  Enrolling students are required to notify the college in writing (by email) of their intent to apply for RPL’s and providing the College of Kinesiology with a list of intended RPL units and components prior to enrolment cut-off date.  This enables the college to appropriately adjust the value of the block and payments.  RPL costs will be billed independently from the monthly student fees at a cost of $40 per hour.

Code of Conduct:

  1. Students are required to participate in the activities of learning to meet the standards required for the qualification in a regular and punctual manner.
  2. Students are responsible for paying of all fees and charges associated with their course.
  3. Students are required to meet a behaviour standard that does not interfere with the learning of other students or the ability for the trainer to deliver the training.
  4. Students are responsible for not cheating or plagiarising in course work / assessments submitted for assessment.
  5. Students ensure the security of their own personal possessions while attending a course.
  6. Students promptly report all incidents of harassment or injury to the trainer/admin/CEO.
  7. Following two written and/or verbal warnings in relation to part 3. above the trainer and/or management of the college exercise the right to suspend or cancel services to the student without refund, at which time they are required to leave the training premises.  In the event of a service suspension or cancellation the student is still required to fulfil their financial obligation to the block they are currently enrolled in.

Access and Equity:

Access and Equity policies are incorporated into operational procedures.  CYR prohibits discrimination towards any group or individuals in any form, inclusive of:

  • Gender
  • Pregnancy
  • Race, colour, nationality, ethnic or religious background
  • Marital status, physical or intellectual or psychiatric disability
  • Homosexuality (male or female, actual or presumed)
  • Age

Complaints and Conflict Resolution Guidelines:

  1. In the event of a non-reconcilable conflict between students that is affecting learning outcomes for any party, students are to contact management of CYR for conflict resolution support.
  2. In the event of a non-reconcilable conflict between teaching staff, or management and a student, the student can contact the Australian Kinesiology Association and/or the national regulator for vocational education and training, Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), www.asqa.gov.au.

More information can be found by reading the CYR Complaints and Appeals Process. The CYR College of Kinesiology CYR Complaint Form and CYR Appeals Form V1.2 is also available for download.

The above terms and conditions may change during your enrolment period.  The latest terms and conditions are applicable to all students.

A more comprehensive guide can be downloaded here: CYR Policies & Procedures for Students V1.0


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