Healing through Inner Connection

using Kinesiology we can connect to our subconscious and unconscious

we can escape the effect of the rat race on our mind and body so that we can heal and find inner peace

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Kinesiology Short Course

Get The Basics

Starts on the 9th February 2019
Runs over four Weekends

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Student Clinic

Affordable Kinesiology

Get a great balance for only $20.

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Special Offer

KInesiology Introductory Weekend

Only $79.00 for the whole weekend
Valued at $320.00
Available at:
Brisbane Paddington Campus

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Advanced Chakra Course

Chakra Awakenings 2 & 3 14th - 17th December 2018

Discover a deeper and more comprehensive way of working with chakras...
This course is not part of the Diploma of Kinesiology (non-accredited). Cost: $910.00
**EARLY BIRD OFFER - receive a $200 discount if enrolled and paid in full by 30th June 2018

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Kinesiology Evolution

New Article

How has the journey to become a professional kinesiologist evolved over the last 30 years?

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Fabulous Learning Environment

Accelerated Learning Technology

Have lots of fun as we cater for your learning style. We use the kinesiology to enhance your learning capacity improving your learning outcomes as you study.

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Awaken Your Inner Healing Potential

Learn to support the process of growth and change

A big difference in our college is how we support our students to awaken their inner healing potential. By unlocking this gift you will have the confidence and trust to support others to heal and grow.

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Structural Fundamentals pt2

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Structural Fundamentals is an empowering course that allows you to work with the joints and tissues of the body.  It looks at techniques for balancing common structural problems, providing a deep practical understanding of the workings of the body. It uses modified Applied Kinesiology techniques coupled with energy medicine-based balance procedures to work with each of the main joints within the body.

Students learn how to assess and monitor the health (including alignment, movement range and mobility, muscles, bones, ligaments, neurological proprioception, meridians and chakras) of each of the joints.  Correction techniques to balance the joints are also covered within the course.

The knowledge, techniques and strategic approach learnt in this course provide students with a foundation to work effectively with a wide range of structural issues, including sporting injuries.  It will also support consistency with results for clients.

For further information on working with structure, see Guy’s article Aligning the Body with Kinesiology.

Pre-requisites: KFP 1 – 4 anatomy and physiology is helpful

An experience from one of Guy’s clients:

“I play semi professional soccer and run my own personal training business. I am very active but have suffered typical overuse injuries. One year ago I had Patella Tendonitis that had the potential to end my career. I saw all the top doctors and was given the option of having an operation. I did not like the sound of this and went to see Guy. Guy worked on my body as well as my mind and the results were amazing”  Aaron Mc Alister

muscle structure

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